10 Common Things That Weigh 30 Pounds

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Thirty pounds is a common weight for household items such as small furniture and stuff. But when asked, you may find it difficult to imagine things that weigh this much! This is why I have come up with this list. It contains common everyday items that weigh around 30 pounds. This way, it will be easier to visualize and compare how heady 30 pounds can feel like.

Whether it's related to a school project or something you need to be sure about, look at the list of common things that weigh 30 pounds:

  1. Four Gallons of Water
  2. Finnish Spitz
  3. Mountain Bike
  4. 50-Inch Television
  5. Two Pressure Cookers
  6. Heavy – Duty Strollers
  7. 5 Cans of Crisco
  8. Desktop Computer
  9. Spaghetti Box
  10. Upright Vacuums

How Much Is 30 Pounds?

Thirty pounds can be expressed as 30lbs. It is equivalent to 480 ounces. If you are comfortable with the metric system then, 30 pounds is about 13.6078 kg or 13607.8 grams. That’s quite heavy!

30 lbs = 480 oz = 13.6078 kg = 13607.8 g

Common Things That Weigh 30 Pounds

1. Four Gallons of Water

Image by MART PRODUCTION from Unsplash

A gallon of water weighs a little over 8 pounds, 8.34 lbs to be exact. So, 4 gallons makes a little over 30 pounds. But there are some factors to consider:

  • The water temperature varies the weight. Cold water contracts, so it weighs more than room-temperature water.
  • The weight of a gallon of water does not include the weight of the container, so keep that in mind while estimating. 

You can easily estimate the weight if you have carried a gallon of water. Just remember to subtract the weight of the empty jar!

2. Finnish Spitz

Image by Pat Moin from Unsplash

Finnish Spitz is a dog breed originating from Finland. In fact, they are the country's national dog.  They're most notable for their pointy ears and foxlike faces. They were trained to hunt different types of animals, from rodents to bears.

The Finnish Spitz are trained to be alert dogs. Their barking and unique vocal make them excellent candidates for this. They also have a reddish coating. The adult males weigh about 25 to 33 pounds, with the average weight close to 30 pounds. At this weight range, they have a height of about 20 inches. The Finnish Spritz is friendly and suited for domestic life.

3. Mountain Bike

Image by Vinayak Varlikar from Pexels

Mountain bikes are bicycles designed for rougher terrains. They are also known as mountain bicycles. These bikes often incorporate advanced features for durability along with basic features. For instance, they have large tires, wheels, powerful brakes, suspension forks, and wide handlebars.

Mountain bikes were created for freewheeling on the mountain trails. It was a popular sport in the 1970s, especially in Northern California. These mountain bikes weigh about 30 pounds. There might be slight variations depending on the model and brand. But not very much.

4. 50-Inch Television

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Modern technology is fast and volatile. Something new is launched every day. They are mind-blowing and mind-numbing at the same time. Who remembers the hype when the flat screens were first released? With time, the screen became clearer, bigger, and flatter.

Right now, our list needs a 50-inch flat-screen marvel. Even though there are variations in model and brand, a 50-inch TV usually weighs about 30 lbs. For example- Sony's XRM-50X90J model's 50 inch size weighs about the same. During shipment, along with the padding and box, the weight goes up. But we don't need that, just the Television will do.

5. Two Pressure Cookers

Image by Obi Udensi from Unsplash

Pressure cookers are common household items. They slow cook the meals and ensure even the toughest parts are tender. I mean, what else do we want in life? If you are getting into the adulting phase of your life, setting up a new life alone, a pressure cooker is a must. It would not only save time, but it would also make your meal tastier and softer.

Now let's get into the weight of these pressure cookers. A medium pressure cooker, with a capacity of 8 quarts or 7.5 liter, weighs about 15 pounds. You do the calculations now. Since they need to exert pressure from inside, the pots must be thick and large. Hence the heaviness. 

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6. Heavy-Duty Stroller

Image by Xiangkun ZHU from Unsplash

Now this is something you have seen everywhere, parks, malls, restaurants, your house. Strollers are essential for parents. It helps carry the babies so much easier. No one can carry their children all the time. Strollers help parents take on more real-life duties with their toddlers.

Today manufacturers pride themselves on creating lightweight strollers that are easier to carry and travel. These weigh not more than 7 pounds. But to tackle more weight, you need heavy-duty strollers. These are intended for carrying more than one child. These weigh about thirty lbs. If you see any strollers carrying two children, that's a heavy-duty stroller, weighing about thirty pounds. If you are intrigued, here's a list of objects that weigh 30kg

7. Five Cans of Crisco

Image from Crisco

Crisco is a household sight! When it first hit the shelves in 1911, it took people by storm. A shortening made entirely of vegetable oil was a brand-new invention then. Our grandparents used it in their recipes; some dishes still follow tradition. It's sold in 6-pound cans; you need 5 cans to meet your desired weight. But the weight of the steel can surely add up to make it more than 30lbs.

Crisco is mostly used in pastries and desserts. It adds a buttery flakiness to the desserts. But its popularity is not as it was decades ago. Its association with clogged arteries and heart diseases has forced people to opt-out.

8. Desktop Computer

Image by Balkouras Nicos from Unsplash

There seems to be no place for large desktop computers in today's age of sleek laptops and iPad. In the 80s and 90s, desktop computers ruled with the surge of internet use. But desktop PCs aren't out of order just yet. These computers vary in weight and size as they have separate components for different use. A mini-tower type PC with standard specifications, mouse, keyboard and 20 inch monitor may make around 30 pounds.

On the other hand, gaming computers weigh a bit more as they have more components, such as graphics cards, extra RAMs, cooling fans with heavy heat sinks, etc., for better graphics and performance. Either way, they are around the 30-pound mark.

9. Spaghetti Boxes

Image by Markus Winkler from Unsplash

Spaghetti is one of the most amazing foods. The best thing about spaghetti is that it can be a fancy meal to serve if the ambassador of your country visits or a sloppy comfort meal when hanging out with your bestie. You can add all the expensive ingredients to your pot or just the white sauce, it will turn out fine. How? Spaghetti magic, that's how!

Spaghetti boxes usually come in one-pound or two-pound. So, you'll need 30 boxes if they are one pound each or 15 if they are two pounds to equal thirty lbs. You don't actually need to buy 15 or 30 boxes. One box will be enough to help you imagine. If not, I guess you will eat spaghetti for the year!

10. Upright Vacuums

Image by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Everyone has vacuums in their homes. It is one of the ubiquitous household items. But there are different kinds of vacuums. The upright vacuum is one of the most common ones available. They balance the head standing upright. The dirt container, handle, and power head are attached to the same unit. These upright vacuums are basically an all-in-one device.

They can vacuum large areas quickly. They weigh between 13 to 18 pounds each, depending on the brand or model. You need about two of them to equal 30lbs. You'll get the gist if you have one of these vacuums at home.


Understanding the weight of common items like those weighing 30 pounds can be beneficial in various situations. Large weights like 30lbs, 20lbs, 10lbs can be useful in cases of understanding your ability to lift something. On the other hand, reference objects with small weights such as 1 gram, 10gram or 100grams can be helpful in the case of cooking. This one here is just a small list. If you keep your eyes peeled you can find many other objects that weigh 30 pounds.

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