11 Everyday Things That Are 2 Centimeters Long

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This article is about 11 things that are 2 centimeters long. 2 cm is a small measurement. Still, it's hard to estimate without measurement tools. Here comes the referencing; it makes it easier to visualize. Keep reading to find out what is 2 cm, how long it is.

Two centimeters is a short length to measure. It’s only about 0.79 inches, so measuring it without a ruler isn’t only possible—it’s simple. In this guide, I will show you 11 everyday objects you can use to determine how big is 2 cm in reality.

How Big Is 2 cm?

As I already mentioned above, two centimeters is about 0.79 inches or 20 millimeters. There are plenty of things around us that are equal to 2 centimeters. We can’t always get the exact measurement, but an estimation is more than enough in various situations. This is where this article comes in.

1. Quarter

The US quarter is an important part of our daily life, with George Washington on one side and the eagle on the other. From who will clean the bathroom this week to who will babysit the annoying little cousin, we have placed some crucial bets on them. Moreover, who can forget their indispensable importance in vending machines?

The diameter of the quarter is 0.96 inches. We need three-fourths of the quarter’s diameter to equal 2 cm.

2. CD

Photo by DS stories on Pexels

CDs bring back so many nostalgic memories for the 90s kids. There is nothing close to Spotify, YouTube, and others, but CDs were another emotion. To wait for days for our favorite album to launch, saving every penny from our pocket money, to finally buy the CD. Binging to it hour after hours were common ground for many. We often see CDs on Instagram reels. The way the artists transform each of our memories into an artistic showcase is truly amazing.

These CDs make a crucial point in this article. You need 10 CDs for this one. Take 10 CDs and stack them together. The total thickness of those CDs is 2 cm.

3. Thumbtack pins

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels

Thumbtack pins help pin notes or sheets of paper to Styrofoam or bulletin boards. You can also use them when curating your mood board. The thumbtack pins have two parts–the pin, which pokes the papers into the boards, and the head, which is a plastic with a flat end attached. These thumbtack pins come in several lengths.

However, the common ones have a pin of are about one-fourth of 1 inch. So, you need three thumbtack pins and add them in length to get an idea about how big is 2cm.

4. Peas

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Pea is something we have at our home, more or less. For some people, it’s a staple. Some people (me) love eating them straight out of the pod. I mean, they do make a fun snack.

The diameter of a pea is between 7.5 to 8.5 millimeters. So, what you will do is take five peas. Eat 2 of them and put the rest side by side. The width of 2.5 peas will be equal to 2 centimeters.

5. Golf Ball

Photo by Kindel Media on Pexels

From what I have seen in movies, golf is the game of aristocrats. It is a weird yet smart game. To win, you need to play as little as possible! Think about it while I go on to the size issues.

The diameter of the ball is about 1.68 inches. It cannot be smaller than this, according to the USGA Rules of Golf. Take half the golf ball’s diameter to reach the 2cm mark.

You can use golf balls to visualize 7 inches length.

6. No. 2 Pencils

Photo by Pavlo on Pexels

No. 2 pencils are sheer nostalgia. We have both good and bad memories associated with them. The pencils have a lighter and softer lead that machines can detect. The higher the pencil number, the darker the lead. Want to know more? Read everything there is to know about pencils!

The hexagonal of the pencil has a diameter which is equal to one-fourth of an inch. Take 3 of them, and you have 2 cm. You can place them side by side or on top of each other; you will get the same measurement. So now you can easily understand how long is 2cm!

7. Aspirin Tablets

Who doesn’t know Aspirin? If you have never had one, which is more than unusual, you probably have seen people around you take them. You have a fever, and you take an aspirin; you have a headache, and you take an aspirin. It’s a never-ending circle. And they work. Studies have shown that you can lower the risk of heart attacks with aspirin. 

Now let’s see the size of an aspirin tablet. The diameter of an aspirin tablet is about 1.4 centimeters. Take 1.5 aspirin to reach the 2cm mark.

This article is exclusively written for MeasruementOf.

8. AAA Batteries

The AAA battery is a standard dry-cell battery. These batteries are used in small devices like MP3 players, digital cameras, TV remote control, etc. The AAA batteries replaced the AA ones with a smaller size and increased efficiency. They have a voltage of 1.5 V.

The diameter of one AAA cell battery is about 10.5 millimeters. Put 2 AAA batteries side by side, and you have 2 cm. Check out this article on battery.

9. Staples

Photo by Dom J on Pexels

Staples come in different sizes. It all comes down to how many sheets the staple can hold together. The 23/10 staple with 10-millimeter legs can hold on to 70 sheets.

The 23/6 are the standard ones. Here 6 means the legs are each 6mm long. These are the ones we often use at home and office. You need 3 of them to make 18 mm, which is close to 20 mm i.e. 2cm.

10. 100-Page Notepad

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Notepads are an important part of daily life. Be it for taking notes during classes or jotting down the office presentation timetable, and they are there. However, in this part, we will look more at their size than their importance. The thickness of a 100-page notepad is about 1.8 to 2.3 centimeters, so on average it is 2 cm.

11. Skittles

Ending today’s list on a fun, delicious note. Skittles make an important part of Halloween. For some people, Halloween transcends normal life. A single skittle measures about 1.27 cm. So we need one and a half of them to make almost 2 cm.

A piece of life advice; always keep a packet of these to help you navigate the ups and downs of life. Trust me, it helps.

2cm is a small size, even smaller than 1 inch. So here you go with the list of 11 things that we work with in our daily lives. Now you can use these as a reference to 2 centimeter size in addition to their regular usage. 

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