Percentage Calculator

Use our free calculator to find percentage of one number in comparison to another or a specific percentage of a number or percentage increase or decrease. Just input in the white box the numbers depending on what you want to find and press enter. That’s it!

What is a percentage?

A percentage is a way of expressing a proportion or a fraction of a whole in terms of parts per hundred. The term "percent" means "per hundred." It is denoted by the symbol "%". In short, percentage is expressing any number as a fraction of 100.

For example, if you have 25 out of 100 orange, you could say 25% of the total is orange. This means you have 25 parts out of 100 parts.

Use of percentages

Percentages are commonly used in various contexts, such as finance, statistics, and everyday life, to represent ratios, proportions, rates of change, or to express comparisons. They are particularly useful for simplifying comparisons between different quantities or values.

How percentage calculator works? 

It’s pretty simple. Determining percentage involves doing basic arithmetic operations like multiplication and division.

Suppose, you have two numbers A and B. Now if you divide A by B and multiply the result by 100, you will get what percent is A of B. To be more clear, let’s assume you have 5 oranges in a fruit basket with 20 total fruits. Now you want to know what percent of these fruits is orange? So, 5 divided by 20 is 0.25. Now multiply it by 100 you get the final result. 25% of the total fruits is orange. Our percent calculator works the same way.

So if you are wondering how do I calculate the percentage and save yourself from all the mathematical hassle, use our percentage finder calculator.