Your Ultimate Guide To Dinner (& Other) Plate Size

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Different sized plates with food items

Imagine setting the perfect dinner table—a delightful feast laid out, the ambiance just right, and laughter filling the air. In this culinary experience, the dining plates you choose can truly make a statement. Whether it’s a casual weekday dinner or an extravagant affair, the right plates can add that touch of elegance.

That’s why we’re here to explore everything about dinner plate sizes. Bear with us.

Different Types of Plates Based on Size

Based on sizes, we see different types of plates available. Besides the standard dining plates, we divide plates into seven types.

1. Standard Dinner Plate

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Let’s start with the workhorse of dinnerware - the standard dinner plate. These plates are the go-to choice for serving the main course, sides, and even desserts. With their generous size, they accommodate a satisfying portion of food and provide a sturdy base for a complete meal.

These plates are versatile and widely used in both everyday meals and formal gatherings. They are the go-to option for family dinners, weeknight meals, or even larger events.

Size: Between 10-12 inches (25.5-30.5 cm) in width. Get idea about how big 12inches can be.

2. Lunch Plate (Luncheon plate)

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Luncheon plates or lunch plates are used for lighter meals, such as sandwiches, salads, or smaller portions. They are versatile and can be used for both casual and formal dining occasions.

Size: About 9 inches (~23 cm) in diameter

3. Bread and Butter Plate

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Moving into the smallest one, these plates are used for serving bread, rolls, or butter alongside a meal. They are often placed at each table setting during formal dining occasions. These are also known as “Side plates” or “Quarter plates”.

Size: Up to 5-6 inches (~12.5-15 cm)

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4. Appetizer Plate

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Next up, we have appetizer plates, the life of any social gathering. These plates are specifically designed for serving bite-sized treats, finger foods, and delectable hors d’oeuvres.

Appetizer plate size is smaller. These often have creative designs, appetizer plates are perfect for presenting an array of flavors and enticing appetizers.

Appetizer plates are commonly used during cocktail parties, receptions, or social gatherings,  where small bites and finger foods take center stage. 

Size: Between 6-8 inches (~15-20 cm)

5. Salad Plate

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Now, let’s move on to the versatile salad plates. They are designed to hold a variety of fresh greens, appetizers, and small portions.

Salad plates are not only suitable for serving salads but also work well for appetizers and light meals. Their aesthetic appeal and practical size make them a popular choice for both everyday use and special occasions.

These plates are commonly used during family meals, casual get-togethers, or as part of a multi-course meal at your dinner table.

Size: Between 8 to 10 inches (~20-25 cm) 

6. Dessert Plate

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Dessert plates are the same size as salad plates. Although their size is similar, these have different usage. These size plates are also designed to add a touch of sweetness to the dining experience. With their smaller size and often decorative patterns, dessert plates create an inviting space for indulging in tasty treats and pastries. Sometimes 6"-8" plates are used to serve a single dessert.

Plates for dessert are commonly used for serving desserts or a slice of cake after a satisfying meal. They are often seen at dinner parties, special occasions, or even in fine dining places.

Size: Around 8 to 10 inches (~20-25 cm)

7. Charger Plate

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These plates are larger in size than all others. Also known as a service plate or underplate, these are used to elevate style in your dining experience. These plates are placed underneath dinner plates for decorative purposes.

Charger plates are typically used for formal or special events, such as weddings, banquets, or upscale dinner parties.

Size: 13 inches (33 cm) in width


With options ranging from versatile dinner plates to dessert and butter plates, you can create a memorable dining atmosphere. Don’t underestimate the impact of selecting the right and best dinner plate size, shape and material—they are the foundation of a remarkable culinary experience. 


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