Stilettos Size Guide and Everything You Want to Know

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Stilettos are a type of high-heeled shoe with extremely narrow and often tapered heels. Women love these shoes because they make them look taller, straighter, and slimmer overall. But choosing the right size matters a lot. As these heels are extremely high, walking in them needs a lot of practice. But if the size is not perfect, then the stilettos will not only be difficult to wear, but they will also lose their charm.

So, here's an all-inclusive size guide on stilettos which will help you to choose the right one. Scroll down to learn the details.

Difference between high heels and stilettos

High heels and Stilettos are high-heel shoes but have different patterns and structures. Look at the chart below for a clear understanding of their differences.

High HeelsStilettos
Heel TypeRegular HeelsToo high and very skinny
Heels Length2-5 inchesUsually more than 3 inches
Heels Width Thick and normal widthExceptionally thin and sharp

Stilettos Size Guide

Stiletto heels can vary in height but are usually taller than 2 or 3 inches. They are most popular in high heel form (above 3 inches tall) and can reach heights up to or over 12 inches! 

Basically the exceptionally thin heel sets stilettos apart from high heels.

The stiletto's size is also classified by its thinness, usually less than 10 mm or 0.4 inches in diameter at the base — where the heel meets the ground.

Here is an overall stiletto heel size guide:    

  • Maximum: 7-8 inches
  • Average:  2-3 inches
  • Minimum: 0.9-1 inches

Size Guide for Popular Brands

Shoe size varies from country to country and based on gender. Even different brands have their own shoe size differences. Check out US shoe size chart to learn more. The case is similar for stilettos. The length for same size varies for different brands. Though the differences are not that noticeable, sometimes it may affect choosing the right size of shoes.

Check the stilettos size chart of some popular brands below, you will get a clear understanding of how exactly they vary.

US SizeLength in inchesLength in inchesLength in inchesLength in inches
Christian LouboutinJimmy ChooPradaSaint Laurent

International Conversion Chart (US, UK, Europe)

Unfortunately, there is no standard international size for shoe size conversion. Also sizing and fit varies brand to brand. But you can take the below chart as a guideline:

US sizeUK sizeEuropean size

Many of the brands even publish their own shoe size conversion chart. So you can check that out as well from their physical store or website.

Different types of Stilettos

With the variety of sizes, there are also different types of stilettos. Such as stiletto pumps, stiletto sandals, ankle length stilettos, and many more. But the most common one is the stiletto pumps. Here are a few different types for you.

Image courtesy: Stiletto Sling-back pump from Ninewest and Stiletto Ankle boot by Apostolos Vamvouras on Pexels

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How Should Your Stilettos Fit?

No matter which type of stilettos you pick, your stilettos should feel perfectly fit. You shouldn’t feel a pinch of the squeeze, rubbing, or too much space in your heels. 

After choosing the right size, make sure that your arch aligns with the mid-toe of the heels. There can be a little bit of a gap there, but the gap shouldn’t be too big to be seen, especially if you’re wearing sandal stilettos.

Tips for Picking the Right Size

The first step before buying stilettos is to measure your feet to pick the correct size. Once you know your feet's length, follow the steps below to ensure you get a perfect size.

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels
  • Put on the Stilettos and Check the Size

If the store allows you to try the stilettos on, do so. If you have any trouble fitting into them, the stilettos are too small for you. And, if there’s movement in stilettos or empty space at the front or back of them, then they are probably too big.

As a rule of  thumb you should have 1/4" to 1/2" in front of your longest toe. Also check the size for your bigger foot.

  • Stand Up and Check How Your Feet Feel

If you feel any discomfort or exceptional looseness, you might need to adjust the shoe sizing.

  • Check the Heel and Toe Area

Make sure the heel of the shoe isn't squeezing or scraping the skin of your heel and your feet aren't sliding or lifting out of the back of the shoe. 

  • Check the Sides of Your Feet and Walk Around the Heels

Make sure both heels are adjusted to the same tightness while walking.

How to Measure Heel Size

To determine the height of a heel, first put the shoe on a level surface and measure the distance from the bottom of the heel to where it joins the shoe at the back. The measurement you obtain, expressed in either inches or centimeters, represents the accurate height of the heel.

Snug Size for Perfection

When it comes to shoe size, they should feel snug like your heels are hugging your feet. You can look at your feet and see if the high heels fit you well. It should fit tightly but not too tightly. 

What to Do if You Are Half Sizes Over?

As the shoe sizes differ from brand to brand, it’s possible that you might not get the exact shoe size you need. It can be a bit smaller or bigger. For example, what should you do if you need a size 10.5, but there are available sizes of 10 or 11?

In that case, going up a half size over is much safer than moving down a size. Buying a larger size 11 is a better option because you may have the chance to adjust the size to make it fit.

How to do that? You can try some of these tactics to make your stilettos fit better:

  • Insert a full-size shoe foam insole
  • Use heel liner or strip (for pump stilettos) 
  • Insert a ball of foot cushions 
  • Try wearing thicker socks (suitable for ankle length stilettos) 

Bottom Line

It is important to give serious consideration to the height of the heel when shopping. When buying stilettos, measure their heels to make sure they are the right height for you — you'll see the impact of wearing comfortable shoes on your posture and even dance moves!


Does heel size change with shoe size?

Often, but not always. The height of heels is not usually affected by shoe sizes. But if the size differences are too noticeable (like heels for 5 and 12 size), to maintain the proportions of the shoe, there will also be slight changes in the heel size.