Mexican Shoe Size Guide And Conversion Chart To US Size

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The shoe size scale differs from country to country. But in Mexico, shoe size is particularly different from any other shoe sizing system in the world. Hence finding the correct conversion of Mexican shoe sizes to other systems, such as the US or UK, or European shoe sizing systems, can be a little confusing. 

If you’re planning to visit Mexico or buy Mexican shoes, you should know how to convert Mexican shoe size to US size to buy the right size shoes without any mistake.

What's special in Mexican Shoes?

Mexican Shoes are popular because of their artistic values and deep rooted connection to Mexican  culture. Mexico has a rich heritage of traditional craftsmanship. It has its noticable impact on shoe designs as well. Shoe artisans have continued to produce their craft and passed on their skills and knowledge to others. This generational impact is reflected on these shoe designs too.

These shoes are a combination of their tradition with modern designs that can accommodate your feet comfortably in any weather specially hot ones. Although traditionally these shoes were made of leather, now-a-days many other materials are used as base material.

Shoe crafters design brand-new unique, modern shoes that tell the story of Mexican culture. Here are a few one-of-a-kind traditional Mexican shoes that you won't find anywhere else.

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  • Charro boots
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Mexican Shoe Size Guide for Men, Women, and Kids

Generally, Mexican shoe sizes are smaller than that of US. The difference between Mexican and US shoe sizes is about two to three sizes. Mexican shoe sizes for men are labeled according to the foot's length in centimeters (cm).

Mexican Men’s Shoes

Mexican men’s shoe sizes typically begin at 19 cm. It measures approximately 7.67 inches or size 1 in US men's shoe sizes. The size goes up to 34 cm. Each size of men's shoe differ by about 1/6 inch.

Mexican Women’s Shoes

Shoe sizes for women in Mexico usually start at 18 cm and go up to 34 cm (7.33 to 12.67 inches). Every size differs by roughly 1/3 inch.

Mexican Kids' Shoes

Just like females’ and males’, children’s shoe sizes in Mexico are also based on the length of the foot in centimeters. Mexican children’s shoe sizes start at 9 cm and usually range up to 24 cm.

How to convert Mexican shoe size to US shoe size and vice versa?

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Method 1: Use a conversion chat

Mexican shoes are measured by the length of the foot in centimeters.

Therefore, the best method for converting Mexican shoe sizes to their corresponding US standard sizes is to first calculate the centimeter measurement and then convert it to inches. Next, determine the equivalent size in US standards using the charts provided here and you're done. See how to measure feet size.

Similarly, from your US shoe size's centimeters measurement you can get your  Mexican show size using the charts below.

Method 2: Directly add or substract size

Besides that, you can subtract or add the sizes to get the right size. But you need to know the shoe size of US or Mexico to do that. Luckily, we do know our shoe size, right? Let's look into the rules of this method of conversion.

  • Mexican men's shoes are usually 2 sizes smaller than US men's shoe sizes.
  • Mexican women's shoes are usually 3 sizes smaller than US women's shoe sizes.
  • For kids, the size difference is usually 7 sizes. A size 13 Mexican kid shoe will be equivalent to a 6 US kid shoe.

Method 3: Use a converter online

For using this method you only need to know your current shoe size as well.

Go to Giga Calculator, enter type, size, and the countries. And get your results!

Conversion chart

We’ve collected the commonly used sizes and made a Mexican shoe size chart along with the US shoe sizes. This will help you in avoiding confusion and get the perfect fit when buying shoes, offline or online. 

Note that the conversion in size (cm to inches) is not as per exact calculation. Rather the Mexican shoe size charts list out the equivalent US shoe size to the Mexican ones. The foot length in inches is the shoe size you get when you buy the US shoe. I know it's a bit confusing! But this is actually more helpful while making buying decisions.

Mexican to the US shoe size conversion chart for Kid’s shoes:

Mexican Kids' Shoe Size (centimeters)US Kids’ Shoe Size (Y- Youth)Foot Length (inches)

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Mexican to the US shoe sizes conversion chart for women's and men's shoes:

Mexican Shoe Size (centimeters)US Women's Shoe SizeUS Men's Shoe SizeFoot Length (inches)

However, because each company has its own sizing scale, there is no absolute shoe-size chart for size conversion. Make sure to check their size chart if possible.

What is a Mexican shoe 31 for men in the USA?

31-size men's shoes in Mexico will be equivalent to a size 12.5 in the USA shoe size, which is around 11.67 inches in length.

What is a Mexican shoe 21 for women in the USA?

Women's Mexican shoe size 21 corresponds to a size 4 in women's US sizes, or around 8.33 inches in length. 

What is the largest and smallest and average Shoe size in Mexico?

The largest shoe size in Mexico for men and women is 34 cm which is the equivalent size of 15.5 in men’s US sizes and size 17 in women’s US sizes.

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The average shoe size for women in Mexico is 24-25 cm (equivalent to 7-8 US women shoe size) For men the average shoe size is 26.5-27.5 cm in Mexico which is equivalent to 8-9 if US shoe size.

And the smallest Mexican shoe size is generally 18 cm for women and 19 cm for men.

Why does the size differ?

The logical reason could be Mexicans on average are comparatively shorter in height than average Americans or Europeans. Hence, their feet are smaller as well. So, their shoe sizing system is different from the others.


Whether you are buying shoes from international stores directly or online, you should have the appropriate shoe size chart on hand. The guidelines and charts in this article will help you in buying the perfectly fitting Mexican shoes of your dreams!