12 Things That Are Only An Inch Long

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There are some things in our life that we didn't know we needed. This article is of those unneeded later things where I will introduce you to things 1 inch long. These are all common things you know are around you; you just don't see them. So how big is an inch? One inch is equivalent to 2.54 cm, so basically a small thing. Now that we have discussed size let's dive into 12 things that are only 1 inch long.

1. Paper clip

Photo by Mike Murray on Pexels

As a writer, a paper clip is the first on my list. It is the most common item that we see all around us but can't find when we need the most! Bent into a looped shape, this 1-inch paper clip saves us and our desks from a mess. Those assignment papers, office works, and project papers cluttered up need to be tied with this elastic wire.

Paper clips come in different sizes, but the 1-inch size is more common. No one needs a 10-inch clipper.

2. Eraser/Rubber


Eraser/Rubber needs no introduction. Cleaning up our mess since childhood, this piece of stationery deserves our utmost attention. Erasers come in different sizes, shapes and colors. But there is a time when you don't want those pretty glittery erasers. It's the 1 inch long rubbery substance that does the trick. At least for me. These are not the two colored erasers though.

Various materials are used in these depending on price – synthetic rubber for budget ones and vinyl, gum, and plastic for more expensive options. I say just stick to the small, low-priced ones since you will lose them after a few months.

3. Airpods

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on Pexels

Who doesn't love Airpods? Two small pieces of devices transformed the headphone game. Who would have thought a completely immersive experience for those tiny pieces? But that's what they are – active noise cancellation offers an immersive sound and a transparency connection.

The AirPods are super lightweight and sweat and water-resistant. Wear them when you are jogging, or the show doesn't matter. Don't wear them when you are showing. Did you ever think they were just about an inch long?

4. Sewing pin

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels

Sewing pins are an essential item on the list. Saving us and our clothes from last minutes fitting issues, we owe a lot to this 1 inch long pin. Who was there for you when you scratched your favorite scarf, shirt and pant? This pin is not just holding our fabrics together, and it is holding our meltdowns.

5. Bottlecap

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels

The bottlecaps are just 1 inch. These bottle caps are made of plastic and metal. Guarding our drinks and keeping their flavor intact, we sure don't give them enough credit. There are different sizes, but the most common size are 1 inch.

If you place 12 of these caps side by side then you get a foot! Here are some more everyday objects that make 12inches in length.

6. United States Quarter coin

Photo from PCGS

Rounds of coin tosses of taking the blame, cleaning the bathroom, and so many other unsolvable issues, George Washington save us a lot of trouble. Somedays, he saved us; other days, he landed us right into our set trap. And let's not forget the eagle on the other side. The United States quarter is almost an inch. 

7. Canadian 1-dollar coin

Photo from Numista

Canadian 1-dollar coins, also known as the Loonie, have replaced the 1-dollar bill. These gold-colored loonies came into existence in 1987. Their diameter is 1.04 which is basically 1 inch.

This article is exclusively written for MeasurementOf.

8. Hockey puck

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels

You have been exposed to hockey at some point in your youth. If you have not, go to your garage, you will find a hockey puck lying somewhere. Hockey pucks are precisely an inch thick. However, their shape changes or gets damaged since all they get is hit by long Hockey sticks. Sometimes they just can't bear it.

The game-approved hockey pucks measure exactly an inch thick. Since we are here, the thickness of a hockey stick handle is also about an inch long.

9. A pair of Skittles

Photo by Nik on Unsplash 

Before I start, I would like to apologize for putting this so far on the list. Who can even think about Halloween without skittles? A single skittles measure about half an inch. So, you need to take two skittles to match the measurement. Remember to always keep them on you to help you keep your cool. Just a piece of unwanted helpful advice from a skittles expert.

10. Bolt

Photo by Edge2Edge Media on Unsplash

A fastener to connect parts, a bolt is a perfect addition to our list. One inches long bolts are perfect for a variety of jobs. You need a screwdriver or wrench fitting for tightening, and you have solved your problem. Bolts usually include anchor, lag, hex and U bolts.

11. Pocket Sharpener

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels

These pocket sharpeners are the most common and cheapest sharpness. They are also called prism sharpeners. Their length is exactly 1 inches long.

Many new sharpeners have taken their place in the market, many of them electric with new linear blades, but these pocket sharpeners are the real deal. It's just probably the nostalgia of childhood that hits with these. And who needs a fancy electric sharpener anyway?

12. Upholstery tacks

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on Pexels

The upholstery tacks are used to attach padding to the furniture. The work of this 1 inch long tacks is to provide them with ornamental accents. Since they are designed indoors, they are not rust-resistant. Just take a soft dry cloth and gently rub it to clean them. Don't even think about polishing creams. They will remove the finish.

Keep them out of reach of the children since they are sharp; they can seriously hurt themselves. Even adults should carefully work with them.

Here you go. These are the 12 most common objects that are almost an inch in length or thickness. Curious to know about some common objects that are much longer? Check out common things that are 7 inches long.

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