12 Common Things That Weigh 10 Kilograms

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Ten kilograms (kg) is a fairly common unit for measuring heavy things that we use daily. There are many things with this weight, whether a single item or many combined. Even without a weight scale, we can get the idea of a 10 kg weight with these items. 

Below is a list of 12 common items that are typically found having ten kilos of weight. You can also use them as a point of reference for measuring any kind of weight. Let's take a look at these common items.

1. A 24-Pack of Coke

Image by Craig Adderley on Pexels

In addition to single cans, sodas are usually available in different packs, especially for parties or to keep a continuous supply at home or office. Generally, these packs come in 6-pack, 12-pack, or 24-pack. A full 24-pack case of soda cans is a very common example.

This weight is based on a 24-pack of 12 oz (350 grams) cans. However, the exact weight varies with the weight of cans material and packaging items. But on average, you will get around 10 kg weight by holding up a 24-pack coke case including the package.

2. A Ten-Kilogram Dumbbell

Image by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Dumbbells are popular exercise equipment that many people use. These can be used in shoulder presses, rows, bicep curls, etc. And, these dumbbells are available in different weights, including 10 kilograms.

For people new to weight-lifting, dumbbells with 10 kilograms are good for building muscles. These can be used as workout tools and for losing weight. You can also use it as a 10 kg weight reference.

3. A Grown-up Dachshund Dog

Image by Binyamin Mellish on Pexels

The standard weight of a dachshund is around 10 kg. Though, their weights vary depending on their age. While miniatures’ ideal weight is between 4.5 to 5 kg, a full-grown dachshund weighs between 9 to 12 kg.

But on average, a full-grown standard dachshund is about 10 kg. So, if you've ever had or seen a healthy adult dachshund, you can probably figure out how much 10 kg weighs. 

4. A French Bulldog

Image by Jens Mahnke on Pexels

Another pet animal you can find for 10kg is French bulldogs. They also weigh 10 kg on average. The weight varies between 8-14 kg after 1 year. But this is affected by age and gender. Males are typically heavier than females. Once they finally stop bulking up, their average weights reach roughly around 10 kilograms

Frenchies are very playful and non-aggressive dogs. So if you have one, lift your dog and do your exercise easily. But make sure you’ve enough room freshener because they fart so much!

5. A Car Tire

Image by Jaye Haych on Unsplash

If we talk about a smaller passenger car tire, it weighs approximately 10 kg. There are so many different models of passenger cars that come with various wheel sizes. On average, most large passenger car tires weigh around 22 pounds, equivalent to ten kilograms. When I say large passenger car, I mean SUVs with tires about 20 inches or so.

Hence, you can use your tire as weight reference of 10 kg! You can use it as a weight or aid for a pushup. But if you have any lifting restrictions, please don't lift your tires.

6. Two Bowling Balls

Image by haim charbit on Pixabay

The bowling game is very popular around the world. The bowling balls used in this game are available in different weights and sizes. Balls ranging in weight from 4 lbs to 16 lbs are available in various bowling alleys.

Among the weights, you will find one of 11 lbs, almost 5kg. So if you are looking for 10 kg of weight, pick up two bowling balls, and you get the right idea about ten kilograms.

7. Four Reams of Letter-Size Paper

Image by PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay

Paper comes in reams while buying bulk quantity. Each ream containing 5000 sheets of letter-size paper weighs around 5 lbs. So basically, if we combine 4 reams of letter-size paper, it will be 10 kg in weight.

So you can easily guess what a 10 kg weight feels like by picking up four of these reams. And it’s much easier than any other weight reference mentioned here.

8. Two Gallons of Paint

Image by russn_fckr on Unsplash

Gallons of paint are very common, especially for DIY lovers who like to paint their place themselves. So, if you are one of them, it might be useful to know the weight of a gallon of paint.

On average, a gallon of paint comes with a 10 lbs weight value, which is about 5kg. Combining two gallons of paint makes it easy to make a 10 kg weight.

9. Ten Liters of Water

Image by Jeremy Morris on Unsplash

This example is as logical as science. Well, we all know kilograms and liters are the same quantity. It’s just liters are for fluids, and kilograms are for solids. So, to get an exact 10 kg weight, all you have to do is gather a 10-liter water can and fill it with water. 

And interestingly, you can use any other fluid type, such as milk, juice, or even energy drinks. If not exact, these will give almost the same weight feel.

10. Ten Kg Bag of Flour

Image by Klaus Nielsen on Pexels

A common household thing that will give you a perfect idea of 10 kg weight is flour. Yes, a 10-kg bag of flour can be easily used as a weight reference. 

Most people usually buy staple foods in bulk. Because in terms of its price with quantity, it’s always a better deal. 

11. Four Average-Size Bricks

Image by Dan Dennis on Unsplash

One of the most common objects we are familiar with is brick. Weight can vary depending on the density of the clay. But on average, a standard red brick in the US weighs approximately 2.27 kg. So if we combine four red bricks, we can get an overall weight of 10 kg. 

12. Five Dozen Pool Balls

Image by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels

Another sports material on the list is pool balls. Also known as cue balls, these are generally made of Phenolic Resin or Polyester Resin. And, these tiny cue balls weigh around 6 oz each.

Normally these balls are found in dozen (12), and one dozen pool balls will weigh around 72 oz. So, a total of five dozen pool balls will weigh approximately 10 kg (a little over it).

Bottom Line

Hopefully, the aforementioned items will be useful if you're looking for common items that weigh 10 kg to use them as measuring reference. If you have any severe lifting restrictions, knowing the weight of these items can greatly help.

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