10 Common Things That Are 10 Feet Long

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Looking for common things that are 10 feet long? You have come to the right place. In this captivating article, I have listed 10 common things that are 10 feet long to help you compare and understand the size.

  • U-Haul truck
  • Basketball hoop
  • 15 Standard bricks
  • One floor height
  • Step ladder
  • Christmas tree
  • Alligator
  • Kayak
  • Above-ground pool
  • 2×4 board

How Long is 10 feet?

Before we delve into a list of estimates, let’s see how much it exactly is.

 10 feet is about 3.048 meters or 120 inches.

1. U-haul Trucks

Typically, U-haul trucks are used for transferring various items or for transporting your possessions from one home to another. These trucks are available in several sizes. The 10-foot truck is the smallest one available.

Photo by Alfie Huo on Pexels

These smaller-sized U-hauls are used for small moves. You probably saw these on the roads, stuck in traffic. If you have non food items ordered online, the chances are the delivery truck was such an example. Now next time you see a U-haul truck, you can make the estimation.

2. Basketball Hoop

We all have spent countless hours aiming a ball toward something. For some it was the trash can and for others, a basketball hoop. I mean, who can forget shouting Kobe whenever we made the goal!? Here, we will use that memory to make the next estimation.

Photo by Wayne Howell from Pexels

According to regulations, a basketball hoop is to be placed exactly 10 feet above the ground. The stand and backboard will stand taller than 10 feet, as the backboard is about three and a half feet tall. If you saw a basketball hoop, you probably can estimate the size of 10 feet.

3. 15 Standard Brick

You have surely seen red bricks at a construction site or a brick finish house. A standard US brick is 8 inches in length. So if you can imagine 15 of them side by side along their longest side, you get a 10 feet length!

You can also check out a brick finish house to get an idea about how long 15 bricks would look. But keep in mind that you can get 10 feet only keeping bricks side by side. If there is mortar in between the bricks, the length will increase.

4. One Floor Height

Another construction reference! Typically, one floor height is about 10 feet. By floor height, I mean the vertical distance from floor to the ceiling, with no false ceiling, decorations or anything such.

Photo by Pixabay  on Pexels

In engineering, floor height is the distance from the top of floor finish of one floor to that of the next floor. But we don’t need to complicate things so much, right?

5. Step Ladders

Steps ladders are a common household object. They come in different sizes for various uses. The ten feet tall ladders are the most common ones. I mean, you probably have a ladder in your home. We need them to access the top part of shelves, ceilings, and other things.

Photo by Jilbert Ebrahimi from Unsplash

If you are someone who undertakes DIY projects, then you must know the importance of them. Just picture the ladder, and that’s about 10 feet. I am thinking about my step ladder while writing this article for the Measurement Of site!

6. Christmas Tree

One of the most iconic symbols of the holiday season is the Christmas tree with lush branches adorned with sparkling lights and ornaments. These majestic evergreens bring warmth and cheer to homes, creating a festive atmosphere.

Photo by Darcy Lawrey on Pexels

Christmas trees can be found in different sizes, including the typical 10 feet tall ones. These are usually used for public display and indoor spaces that have a vaulted ceiling. Ten-foot-tall artificial Christmas trees are common in stores, but you may also find real ones of that size.

7. Alligator

Sure, this is not an everyday item. But with all the phrases and notions, alligators do come up in our conversations more often than they should. An alligator can be anywhere between 3 to 13 feet. Larger ones that can go above 13 feet are a rare sight.

Photo by Shelly Collins on Unsplash

Adult female alligators in Florida are usually about 9 feet long. According to the National Geographic, an American male alligator is about 10 to 15 feet in length on average. So, while taking notes, you need to be mindful of the type of alligator! Alligators may be a fun measurement to guess how big 10 feet is, but it is not the best object if you are not an expert in this field.

Here are some fun facts that nobody asked for: 

  • They live up to fifty years.
  • Crocodiles are not the same as alligators.
  • Alligators are an endangered species.

8. Kayaks

Remember those races in movies where a group of people competes in their canoe-like boat by paddling? That is called kayaking, and the boat like vehicles are kayaks. Kayaks are boats created for paddling and rafting around lakes or rivers. You will find these in different sizes depending on the number of seats and brands.

Photo by Brandon McDonald from Unsplash

But the most popular recreational kayak is ten feet long. These are mostly used for relaxation in calm rivers and lakes. Other kayaks, which are for heavier use, can be between 12 to 23 feet long. If you ever visit docks, you will see different kayaks mounted on boats’ or yachts’ roofs or placed in the corner. You can draw an estimation from them as well.

9. Above Ground Pool

Pools are the best, especially for swimming in the hot days of summer. Sipping your margarita in your floaties in a pool is the ultimate “me time”! But few of us are fortunate enough to get that pool. For us, the above-ground pool is the way to go.

Photo by Juan Salamanca on Pexels

They don’t need any permits or construction and the best part is they are cheap. These pools are available in different sizes. But the 10 feet ones are most common among the small size above ground pools. These are most suited for getting drenched in water and having a great chill time in summer. For swimming, you will need a bigger size.

10. 2×4 Boards

A 2×4 board is a lumber that measures 1.5×3.5 inches. It is like the size of a 4×10 board in length. However, the length may differ depending on the manufacturing companies. They are usually between 8 to 16 feet.

Photo by Marissa Daeger from Unsplash

These boards usually come from pine trees and have many uses. You can use them for constructing sheds, decks, and furniture. You can also use them to frame doors or walls or finish edges of other panels. As I said, there are a myriad of uses for them!


You can think of everyday objects that are 1 feet long and try hard to visualize it 10 times to estimate how long will be 10 feet. Or just remember these items mentioned here to understand the relative size easily. 

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